My WatchList

[x] G.I Joe: The Rise of the Cobra
[x] Lovely Bones
[x] Windstruck
[x] When I turned 9
[x] Once Upon A Time In Highschool
[x] Il Mare
[x] Someone Special
[x] A Millionaire’s First Love
[x] Antique Bakery
[x] Koishite Akuma
[x] Koizora
[x] Sweet Rain
[x] Closed Note
[x] My Valentine
[x] Seducing Mr. Perfect
[x] Soulmate
[x] Heartbreak Library
[x] He was cool
[x] My Little Bride
[x] Crazy First Love
[x] A Wolf’s Temptation
[x] Do Re Mi Fa So La Si Do
[x] Love Phobia
[x] Secret
[x] Love Me Not
[x] My Tutor Friend
[x] The Worst Guy Ever
[x] Fly High
[x] My Tutor Friend 2
[x] The Classic
[x] Taiyou no Uta
[x] Ditto

[x] Innocent Steps
[x] 200 pounds of beauty
[x] 100 days with Mr. Arrogant
[x] Marrying High School Girl
[x] 500 Days of Summer
[x] 10 promises to My Dog
[x] Cape NO.7
[x] Tada Kimi wo, Aishteru
[x] Virgin Snow
[x] 2 Faces Of My Girlfriend

[x] Movie Review Square

  1. hla……. wins bgan nag-himo ak hin review about han Doremifasolasido….. astig tlga nga movie…. I awfully liked it so much… touching…..>.<

    • As in? Waw. HAHA. Rai ko’t katima. HUHU. Wait, kitaun ko nim blog.

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