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Game Review: Plants vs. Zombies

I just started playing this game, Plants vs. Zombies by PopCap Games and it really amuses me. It’s so addictive and challenging. Most specially on the Survival: Endless. I can truly enjoy this game.

Screen shot by: Winsel Mae

It have a very cute graphic and characters, that’s what I enjoyed the most. It may look childish but it’s really good. I’ll be trying another PopCap game later.

My most annoying zombie would be the Dancing Zombie. He’s a zombie interpratation of Michael Jackson. HAHA. He summons back-up dancers that’s why it kinda annoys me. But they’re not that difficult to defeat. They’re rather EASY, just IRRITATING. 😀

You may find yourself enjoying this game so please try it. It also has a very interesting views on zombies. Thier desciptions are rather funny.

For more infos about PvZ, please visit this site. Click this.


Software Review: Adobe Photoshop CS4

Product Summary

The good: Veteran set of powerful imaging tools; streamlined user interface; more extensible and customizable; completely overhauled 3D engine in Extended version.

The bad: More of a memory hog than Photoshop CS3; print features and type engine still in dire need of an update.

The bottom line: If you work with 3D, Photoshop Extended is a must-have upgrade; ditto if you think you’d use more of Standard’s tools if the interface were less opaque, if you need to upgrade other suite applications, or if you qualify for an academic discount. All things considered, while Adobe Photoshop CS4 makes some improvements over CS3, it might be worth skipping this generation and waiting for the next.

[credits: Image | Info ]

A preview of the software when I used it. (March 11, 2010)
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I’m pretty much addicted to photo/image editing so I tried downloading a free trial of Adobe Photoshop CS4. I had the CS2 version of this but it was lost, too compliacted. Anyway, it’s pretty much the same as the past versions. Though this one includes 3D. Very nice ne? I haven’t really browsed all it’s features but I’m quite delighted already.

If you want to download the trail version, please visit this site. Click here.

You’ll be able to visit this page. Choose which one to download. Though it’s only 30 days trial. To know more detailed review of this product including featured plug-ins and prices, click this link. Enjoy!