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Cute Bento: Animals

Here’s a cat on you bento set. So cute. 😀 It would take some time making this I guess. It’s pretty much detailed.

Panda bento. I LOVE PANDAS!! Kawaii~

I like the effort they made here, piglet bento ne. They even colored the rice pink just to give a CUTE piglet feeling into it. Very nice and of course the keyword here, CUTE!!

Here’s another one, chick bento. Kawaii~ They’re even lovers. HAHA. Very creative.

Another SUPER CUTE bento, it’s a walrus by the way. They’re like seals though they got these fangs thingy. 😀

Rabbit bentoo~ Such a cutie. 😀

Aaaaaaw~ My favorite animal, PENGUIN! Cuuuuuute. >__<

CUTE MOUSY!! Look at that. So adorable. HAHA. 😀 Too cute to eat. Waaah~ She even got a crown. Nice touch.

Another pinky bento, this time it’s a ladybug. HAHA. I wonder why didin’t they just stick with the red coloring like the real bugs. Well, I guess it won’t be really cute if they stick to red. 😀

Here’s unique piece. I think it’s not rice but rather a bread? Not really sure though. But it’s texture looks like one. 😀 Elephant bento, CUTE!

There you go. Several very CUTE and creative bento. I’m really amazed with it. HAHA. Japan has a really unique culture, specially when it comes to food preparation, they love the word CUTE just about in anything, may it be in clothings, accessories, etc. 😀 Stick with me for more so cute to be eaten bentos.


Graphics: Proposed Seniors’ Ball Invitation and Program

I was assigned to design our seniors ball invitation so here’s what I got. I first observed a lot of invitation samples and I got a pretty good idea how I should make it.I found a very simple yet elegant piece so I copied it and edited some of it’s parts. But of course, I credited the site where I got it from. Thanks. 😀 Please feel free to judge my work, I’m not a pro so don’t expect too much.

F R O N T    P A G E

[credits: Model / Graduation Friendship by Joanna Fuchs / Adobe Photoshop CS2]

P R O G R A M    P A G E

[credits: Aethereality / Adobe Photoshop CS2]

How was is then? I hope you liked it and I wish this proposal would be approved by our managing teacher. HEHE. Have a good day.