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Monthly Feature: Valentines Day

H A P P Y   V A L E N T I N E S !!

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First up, Happy Valentines everyone. I hope you had a wonderful day. Specially to those involved in couples dates, or even group dates (Like mine. HAHA. Date for single gurls. 😀 Sad to say, I no longer have my bf with me. HAHA.). Either way, I truly wish it turned out great! It’s a bit late for greetings but don’t mind me. I’m often like this.

Anyway, As for my time, it was really awesome. We managed to have heart-to-heart talks and chats. I love those gurls! I have enjoyed my time, even though it’s kinda depressing that I don’t a have a guy date on that same day, rather yesterday. But what’s done is done. We can’t turn back time, we can only learn from it and move on. Right? You have to agree with me, really. 😀 If you want to view our pics, just visit my profile on facebook. Thanks.

Hmmm. I almost forgot, something exciting happened. One of my gurlfriends recieved a rose from her soon to be boyfriend, I hope. HAHA. My my my, innocent love. But the sad part is, she kept the “i don’t care” side of hers. It’s something that don’t happened often these days but look at her, she don’t even treasure it the time she got it from him. After that encounter, we showered her with tons of scolding. HAHA. Not scoldings literally, just advices. We even found ourselves talking about karmas. HAHA.

You see, the thing is, we all know that she truly likes the guy. But there’s something that is keeping her from accepting him. I won’t tell more details but that’s that. Love is really unfair huh? Just like what my friend said, you kept on loving someone who can’t love you back while someone’s already dead trying to please you. Hmmmm. Truly unfair. Poor guy. All his efforts are just wasted if she can’t accept him. But that’s how life goes. So unfair and injustice.

But despite all that, why can’t we stop loving someone? Most of us know the feeling of being in love. It’s the feeling when his smile, that was not even meant for you, makes your day. When even just a brush of his shirt alongside yours can make you urge to hug him and never let go. When even just one eye-to-eye contact can make your heart jump, when you’ll make all the way to the other side of the building just to see his back. It’s that very feeling that makes us want more of this love thing. It’s so addictive that we can’t stop ourselves no matter how hard we try to froze our hearts because of the fear of pain or letting go. No matter what the consequences are, we still love and can’t stop doing it. It’s part of our system, that’s how we’re made.

It’s so easy to fall in love yet so hard so move on. That’s the very thing we’re afraid of. But don’t you think, it’s still a good thing? Not knowing pain is the very fear itself. You never know how it hurts that’s why you never try. Being hurt is not the only thing about falling in love. You can always feel happines, though he’s not the one for you, you still shared moments where you can reflect on even when you’re both on separate ways. I know it’s hard to move on, but trust me, it’s worth it.

Life is full of pain but of course, with equal happines. When you feel that your life is full of hurt, remember, up ahead there’s still miracles waiting to unfold. All you have to do is have faith in living and that’s when you’ll realize how beautiful life is specailly when there’s someone you can love and love you back. Good luck with your lovelife everyone. 😀