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Event: The END of my High School Days (Mar. 19, 2010)

EVSU-SLS Graduation Day!

My Shopmates in Drafting 2 (T.L.E. 4)

Today is the begining of the end of my high school days. It was kinda rough but really really enjoyable. I can now relate that high school sure is the best stage of our lives. We can truly enjoy our youth during our high school days. We learned to many things including lessons, how to socialize, make tons of friend & enemies, to fall in love but most of all, we learned how to apreciate our youth.

I would miss my friends of course. Not only did we celebrate good times but we also sympathize with each others problems, heartaches, misunderstands and hurts. My high school life have been so much fun because of them. We had tons of hang-outs, gimmiks, outings, trips, party and of course heavy chats and talks.

During our graduation day, I thought it would be very emotional, but I had guessed wrong. It was not that dramatic. I received a lot of hugs (i LOVE hugs. Haha.) and kisses. The atmosphere was not that heavy, thank God. It was like just an ordinary ceremony not our graduation day. I didn’t feel the pressure of leaving the school nor my friends and schoolmates, I wonder why. Haha.

Anyway, here’s what I gotta say, I’ll truly miss all my friends. I hope we’ll keep in touch always. 😀 You can view our Alumni Group in Facebook. God bless.