Tutorial: EVSU-SLS Senior’s Badge

Here’s a detailed step by step instruction for the badge.

How to Request a Badge.

S T E P 1:
Fill up the form and post it here. Must be logged on to your Facebook account.

S T E P 2:
Give the link of your desired photo to display. Post whatever you want. I’ll crop it to 100×100 pixel. Sample of 100×100 pixel size.

S T E P 3:
Finished! Just wait for us to create your badge. This is how it looks.

Credits: Graphics by: WinselMae | EVSU Logo | Adobe Photoshop CS4 | Facebook

For those who want the raw copy of the file for edits, please follow these steps.

Downloading the .psd file for the badge.

S T E P 1:
You should have Photoshop, any version will do to be able to open and edit the file.

S T E P 2:
Visit this link to Download the .psd file. Click here!

Click the image for fullview

S T E P 3:
You’ll now be able to edit the badge. Congrats!! 😀 Now you’re done.

NOTE: I’m not into questions about this stuff so please read it carefully. Thanks.

  1. May 6th, 2010

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