Movie Review: Gangster High (2006) Korean Film


Gangster High


Ki-hyeong Park


Drama, Violence


Jang Hie-Jin

Kyeong-ho Jeong

Jo Jin-Ung

Kim Hye-Seong

Ye-ryeong Kim

Haeng-seok Lee

Lee Tae-Seong


Sang-ho is an ordinary high school student. His dream is to enter the military academy under the influence of his father who is an army colonel. As entering high school, he became friends with Jae-gu, Chang-bae, Kyung-chul, Hong-kyu and Sang-sik. They grouped a soccer team called `Tiger`, building up friendship by playing soccer. Sang-ho and his friends ran into group of fight with seniors, these incidents made everybody in school to misunderstand them as they were serious group of gangster. When Sang-ho gets becomes close with a girl whose boyfriend is a boss of another school`s gangster group, things are going worse.

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This movie is a really good one. Nice camera angle and motion picture. Their instrumental soundtrack are great. They insert instrumental soundclips during fights. HAHA. Very unique . Blood effect is really awesome and so many fighting scenes. Woooh! But it’s not that gory, just enough blood.

I like Jea-gu’s letter to Sang-ho before he died. HAHA. “Sang-ho. It’s damn weird writing a letter to you since I see you everyday. I never wrote to a chick and I never thought I’d write a letter to you. I have something to tell you, something I couldn’t tell you in person. So I’m writing to you. Well, it’s nothing speacial. Oh, one more thing, as for Jong Suk Han. Let’s drop it. Damn. What’s good if we fight that asshole. Later, I’ll just take a few hits from him. I can take it. About our club, Tiger. Let’s not do it. Soccer’s good, friendship is good. But, I feel like I’m dragging you in, I feel like we’re only fighting. You know, simply because we don’t make a club doesn’t mean our friendship must end, right? Don’t let others know about this letter. It’s embarrassing. Well then, I’ll see you at school.” But they didn’t see each other again. Jea-gu died after being hit by a car when they were about to run away from their fight. So sad. D:

It’s so ironic coz Chang-bae is afraid of his mom. HAHA. They’re good at fighting but he’s still afraid of his mom. I guess all of us, despite what our characters are, we still do cherish those who cares for us. The story ended with Sang-ho remenicsing about their past, playing soccer.

Although Gangster High deals with high school gangs, its depiction of violence is no less fierce than any Jopokyeonghwa, Korean gangster films. However, the film never romanticizes violence. Sang-ho is not romantic at all, and he turns into a cruel fighter when violent actions are unavoidable.


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