Movie Review: Homerun (2008) Chinese Film


Home Run


Fang Gangliang(方刚亮)




Chapman To(杜汶泽)

Bingbing Fan(范冰冰)

Yanwen Zou(邹砚文)

Xiaojie Yin(尹晓洁)

Xuan Yin(尹媗)


A child’s quest to return to home on his own takes center stage on the reality television program. With declining ratings and investor pressures, Li, the producer and host of the program, also faces difficulty in locating the next show’s talent. In the rush of things, a thought pops inside her head and she knows exactly who can take on as her next star.

She locates and brings five-year-old Lu to the set, and sends him off to find his way home alone. The cocky and resourceful boy calls his divorced father to overcome numerous hurdles, and in the process finds new and unexpected routes in a treacherous but often hilarious journey, tracked discreetly by a television crew. Lu has always wanted to find the mother whom he doesn’t know. The young boy’s determination to find his mother touches the heart of the entire nation, including that of his estranged mother, who happens to be the TV show hostess.



I just watched this movie last night. It’s been on my watch list since this year started, I think I saw it’s trailer on December but I havent managed to really watch it. I watch Asian movies on Chinese star, unfortunatley I don’t understand Mandarin so I don’t know the airtime. 😀 But I’m glad there are subtiltes during the showing. HEHE.

Here’s my opinion about the movie, I was a bit shocked when I realized that the movie’s release was 2008. I thought it was an old movie due to thier motion picture. Anyway, about the story, I really like it. As you have read on the sypnosis, the movie was about a TV show that has decreasing ratings. When she brought her own child on the set (The child don’t know that she was his mother since she kept on confusing the child, she would deny and accept it repeatedly.), due to the child cocky and resourceful attitude, the show’s rating increased.

The story didn’t stop there. The hostess feelings for her child was showing, but she had kept herself from feeling too attached due to her career. But her studio mates noticed it and had used it against her. They shown to the public her private affairs thus revealing that she really own the child. As the story progress the child begun to look for her mother, which as what his father told him, she was at the highest point of the city.

Here comes the ironic part. His parents met when his mother visited his father, which was a dentist, to ask him to remove her canines coz the fans don’t like them, she was already a famous idol during those days. But his father refused saying those canines suit her and it looks cute. But she still removed them asking another dentist. 6 years later, she was now a famous hostess.

Then on the child’s quest to go to the highest place, he met a woman his father was hitting on. She was a flight attendant and just like his mother, she got a cute canine. She helped the boy go to the highest place in China, the Oriental Pearl Tower.

His parents, now reconciled decided to admit to their son that his real mother was the hostess. But I can’t believe his mother, she just used the opportunity to make her even more famous. Anyway, on her way to the tower she found her son and admitted that she was his mother. But the boy didn’t agree since she had told him a couple of times that she was not really his mother. He pushed her away and told her, “You’re not my mother coz my dad told me that she has a canine just like mine.” Hmmmm. That was ironic neh? It really struck my heart. I’m sure she regreted what she had done.

The story ended with the boy looking at the sky where the plane was. He remembered the woman that helped him get to that tower. He was thinking that she was his mother since she was at the highest place of the city. Ironic isn’t it? I feel sorry for his real mother.

Overall, I like the movie. It was kinda weird for me but it’s ok. Also I’ve read an article;

Fan Bingbing’s Home Run was the worst-performing movie in recent years with a big-name star. Ouch. But now that she’s a bomb at the box office she’s being compared to Vicky Zhao Wei and I think she’s actually getting a bit more sympathy than she usually does, so not a total loss. Besides…it can’t be all her fault. Chapman To was in it to. Plus the story was just whack.


That didn’t cross my mind at all. HEHE. But that’s that.

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