Finally! A release.

Oooh, this is really cute. ❤ Read this minna~


Cute Bento: Animals

Here’s a cat on you bento set. So cute. 😀 It would take some time making this I guess. It’s pretty much detailed.

Panda bento. I LOVE PANDAS!! Kawaii~

I like the effort they made here, piglet bento ne. They even colored the rice pink just to give a CUTE piglet feeling into it. Very nice and of course the keyword here, CUTE!!

Here’s another one, chick bento. Kawaii~ They’re even lovers. HAHA. Very creative.

Another SUPER CUTE bento, it’s a walrus by the way. They’re like seals though they got these fangs thingy. 😀

Rabbit bentoo~ Such a cutie. 😀

Aaaaaaw~ My favorite animal, PENGUIN! Cuuuuuute. >__<

CUTE MOUSY!! Look at that. So adorable. HAHA. 😀 Too cute to eat. Waaah~ She even got a crown. Nice touch.

Another pinky bento, this time it’s a ladybug. HAHA. I wonder why didin’t they just stick with the red coloring like the real bugs. Well, I guess it won’t be really cute if they stick to red. 😀

Here’s unique piece. I think it’s not rice but rather a bread? Not really sure though. But it’s texture looks like one. 😀 Elephant bento, CUTE!

There you go. Several very CUTE and creative bento. I’m really amazed with it. HAHA. Japan has a really unique culture, specially when it comes to food preparation, they love the word CUTE just about in anything, may it be in clothings, accessories, etc. 😀 Stick with me for more so cute to be eaten bentos.

Tutorial: EVSU-SLS Senior’s Badge

Here’s a detailed step by step instruction for the badge.

How to Request a Badge.

S T E P 1:
Fill up the form and post it here. Must be logged on to your Facebook account.

S T E P 2:
Give the link of your desired photo to display. Post whatever you want. I’ll crop it to 100×100 pixel. Sample of 100×100 pixel size.

S T E P 3:
Finished! Just wait for us to create your badge. This is how it looks.

Credits: Graphics by: WinselMae | EVSU Logo | Adobe Photoshop CS4 | Facebook

For those who want the raw copy of the file for edits, please follow these steps.

Downloading the .psd file for the badge.

S T E P 1:
You should have Photoshop, any version will do to be able to open and edit the file.

S T E P 2:
Visit this link to Download the .psd file. Click here!

Click the image for fullview

S T E P 3:
You’ll now be able to edit the badge. Congrats!! 😀 Now you’re done.

NOTE: I’m not into questions about this stuff so please read it carefully. Thanks.

Game Review: Plants vs. Zombies

I just started playing this game, Plants vs. Zombies by PopCap Games and it really amuses me. It’s so addictive and challenging. Most specially on the Survival: Endless. I can truly enjoy this game.

Screen shot by: Winsel Mae

It have a very cute graphic and characters, that’s what I enjoyed the most. It may look childish but it’s really good. I’ll be trying another PopCap game later.

My most annoying zombie would be the Dancing Zombie. He’s a zombie interpratation of Michael Jackson. HAHA. He summons back-up dancers that’s why it kinda annoys me. But they’re not that difficult to defeat. They’re rather EASY, just IRRITATING. 😀

You may find yourself enjoying this game so please try it. It also has a very interesting views on zombies. Thier desciptions are rather funny.

For more infos about PvZ, please visit this site. Click this.

Software Review: Adobe Photoshop CS4

Product Summary

The good: Veteran set of powerful imaging tools; streamlined user interface; more extensible and customizable; completely overhauled 3D engine in Extended version.

The bad: More of a memory hog than Photoshop CS3; print features and type engine still in dire need of an update.

The bottom line: If you work with 3D, Photoshop Extended is a must-have upgrade; ditto if you think you’d use more of Standard’s tools if the interface were less opaque, if you need to upgrade other suite applications, or if you qualify for an academic discount. All things considered, while Adobe Photoshop CS4 makes some improvements over CS3, it might be worth skipping this generation and waiting for the next.

[credits: Image | Info ]

A preview of the software when I used it. (March 11, 2010)
Click the image for fullview.


I’m pretty much addicted to photo/image editing so I tried downloading a free trial of Adobe Photoshop CS4. I had the CS2 version of this but it was lost, too compliacted. Anyway, it’s pretty much the same as the past versions. Though this one includes 3D. Very nice ne? I haven’t really browsed all it’s features but I’m quite delighted already.

If you want to download the trail version, please visit this site. Click here.

You’ll be able to visit this page. Choose which one to download. Though it’s only 30 days trial. To know more detailed review of this product including featured plug-ins and prices, click this link. Enjoy!

Event: The END of my High School Days (Mar. 19, 2010)

EVSU-SLS Graduation Day!

My Shopmates in Drafting 2 (T.L.E. 4)

Today is the begining of the end of my high school days. It was kinda rough but really really enjoyable. I can now relate that high school sure is the best stage of our lives. We can truly enjoy our youth during our high school days. We learned to many things including lessons, how to socialize, make tons of friend & enemies, to fall in love but most of all, we learned how to apreciate our youth.

I would miss my friends of course. Not only did we celebrate good times but we also sympathize with each others problems, heartaches, misunderstands and hurts. My high school life have been so much fun because of them. We had tons of hang-outs, gimmiks, outings, trips, party and of course heavy chats and talks.

During our graduation day, I thought it would be very emotional, but I had guessed wrong. It was not that dramatic. I received a lot of hugs (i LOVE hugs. Haha.) and kisses. The atmosphere was not that heavy, thank God. It was like just an ordinary ceremony not our graduation day. I didn’t feel the pressure of leaving the school nor my friends and schoolmates, I wonder why. Haha.

Anyway, here’s what I gotta say, I’ll truly miss all my friends. I hope we’ll keep in touch always. 😀 You can view our Alumni Group in Facebook. God bless.

Movie Review: Gangster High (2006) Korean Film


Gangster High


Ki-hyeong Park


Drama, Violence


Jang Hie-Jin

Kyeong-ho Jeong

Jo Jin-Ung

Kim Hye-Seong

Ye-ryeong Kim

Haeng-seok Lee

Lee Tae-Seong


Sang-ho is an ordinary high school student. His dream is to enter the military academy under the influence of his father who is an army colonel. As entering high school, he became friends with Jae-gu, Chang-bae, Kyung-chul, Hong-kyu and Sang-sik. They grouped a soccer team called `Tiger`, building up friendship by playing soccer. Sang-ho and his friends ran into group of fight with seniors, these incidents made everybody in school to misunderstand them as they were serious group of gangster. When Sang-ho gets becomes close with a girl whose boyfriend is a boss of another school`s gangster group, things are going worse.

[credits/photo/info from:


This movie is a really good one. Nice camera angle and motion picture. Their instrumental soundtrack are great. They insert instrumental soundclips during fights. HAHA. Very unique . Blood effect is really awesome and so many fighting scenes. Woooh! But it’s not that gory, just enough blood.

I like Jea-gu’s letter to Sang-ho before he died. HAHA. “Sang-ho. It’s damn weird writing a letter to you since I see you everyday. I never wrote to a chick and I never thought I’d write a letter to you. I have something to tell you, something I couldn’t tell you in person. So I’m writing to you. Well, it’s nothing speacial. Oh, one more thing, as for Jong Suk Han. Let’s drop it. Damn. What’s good if we fight that asshole. Later, I’ll just take a few hits from him. I can take it. About our club, Tiger. Let’s not do it. Soccer’s good, friendship is good. But, I feel like I’m dragging you in, I feel like we’re only fighting. You know, simply because we don’t make a club doesn’t mean our friendship must end, right? Don’t let others know about this letter. It’s embarrassing. Well then, I’ll see you at school.” But they didn’t see each other again. Jea-gu died after being hit by a car when they were about to run away from their fight. So sad. D:

It’s so ironic coz Chang-bae is afraid of his mom. HAHA. They’re good at fighting but he’s still afraid of his mom. I guess all of us, despite what our characters are, we still do cherish those who cares for us. The story ended with Sang-ho remenicsing about their past, playing soccer.

Although Gangster High deals with high school gangs, its depiction of violence is no less fierce than any Jopokyeonghwa, Korean gangster films. However, the film never romanticizes violence. Sang-ho is not romantic at all, and he turns into a cruel fighter when violent actions are unavoidable.